Spiritual Content

While I specialize in unaffiliated and non-religious ceremonies, I have worked as an interfaith chaplain and I’m happy to include spiritual content or scriptural readings of any faith. Services are designed to meet your needs and reflect your beliefs.

My resources include poetry and prose appropriate for many circumstances and ideologies.  Humanist (secular) content is well-represented.  I also have readings appealing to the nondenominational “spiritual but not religious”, as well as commonly requested scriptural passages.

If you are planning a non-religious service, it’s likely that some of those attending will have religious beliefs.  I often suggest including a moment of meditation, which can be used for private prayer and accommodate everyone.

For an interfaith ceremony, I can comfortably share the podium with a clergy person.  If you prefer, I can also perform personalized services before or after a church service.

Religious or non-religious, spiritual or nondenominational, the structure and expression of the ceremony is entirely up to you.