Family Meetings


When someone dies, there is a story to be told: who he/she was, what happened, and the meaning for those left behind.  Family meetings are an important part of a celebrant’s services and a safe place to begin the grief journey.  Several days before the ceremony, we gather family members together for a couple hours – in your home or another location – to share memories of the person who has died.

This gathering has several functions:

•  Convey the deceased’s personality and lifestyle, giving the celebrant a well-rounded portrait for the eulogy

•  Talk about roles for the ceremony, such as who will speak, deliver a reading, or light a candle

•  Perhaps most importantly, start the family’s grieving process in a healthy way:  together, and with a guide for the conversation

Family meetings are not required for gathering information, and some decide against a meeting because of time or family dynamics.  Many people find, however, that the meeting is one of the most helpful and healing facets of a celebrant’s services.